Sunday, January 29, 2012

weekend wind down

Will and myself skated Willing park in tamaqua yesterday. Small park, has a nice box and small pyramid, couple of quarter pipes. Simple yet fun, especially considering it was my first time skating anything but my cruiser board for a long time. Before I could go though, I had to stop at homebase to get my new setup. Talked with Po and caught up a little bit, also got some sick new nikes. Got home, set up the board, and left to meet Will. I was slightly excited to go skate, as this picture will tell you.

Was very happy with how the session turned out. Did tre flip over the hip, took a few tries but did it. Even had a couple of ledge tricks still in the bag, crook and back tail both first try. Muscle memory is a funny thing. They can forget too though. After skating and really firing a lot of fast twitch muscles, my legs are quite sore tonight. It's been a long time since they'd done that sort of thing. Its a different sore altogether then what I was getting after cycling or lifting. Going to continue skating very carefully and use it as a way to make my ankles stronger. Not taking risks or jumping down stairs anymore, thats for sure. Here is a few photos we got from the goPro. More pics to come once I upload the mark II pics.

my k grind

will 5-0 180

and why not end with a clip from the good old days of when I was hucking myself down stairs or off of whatever else I could find.

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