Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Weak Sauce Part II

Had my salad which was delicious after not having food for awhile. I wasn't hungry beforehand but knew it was time to break the fast. I did some light stretching after eating as well as some acupressure which proved very helpful in releasing some of the tension in my stomach/abdomen. Other then that, very little activity today, just a short walk around the block with Allise. Couple hours later had a banana, about a third of a mango, and a small handful of nuts which was very satisfying. Did a short yoga session with allise and was still extremely weak and got pretty light headed after about 10 minutes. I'm fully aware that this process I'm undertaking will make me weaker, likely much weaker, before I get stronger. But in order to achieve the level of health I'm seeking, it's something I must do.

"Tomorrows strengths will surface because of todays weaknesses."

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