Friday, January 13, 2012

A phase

Today I write neither in victory or defeat. Not happy or sad. Not in, out, up or down, but simply from an objective perspective. As I sit here mindfully enjoying my chicken ceaser wrap, I've got a few reflections on the beginning phase of this diet experiment. These notes are mainly meant for myself, but obviously your free to read them, otherwise it wouldn't be posted :)

Eating the way I did for the past two weeks has opened my eyes in numerous ways. Namely the amount of food that is actually necessary to fuel the human body from a mechanical standpoint. If you look at the body as a machine, it was certainly not 'designed' to have 3 meals a day, or for them to consist of the things we Americans decide to fuel them with on a regular basis. Fruits and vegetables have almost entirely lost their place in our diets when they could really be the only thing we need.

The next phase of my experiments will continue as follows. Meat and dairy on a limited basis, I just love food so I'm not giving them up entirely anymore. These foods are mucus forming and ultimately slow down our bodies and obstruct, as professor ehret says, our bodies from circulating properly. Continue with eating lots of leafy green vegetables and fruit to continually cleanse my system. Fasting will become another integral part of the cleansing process and I will eventually work up to multiple day fasts.

In summary, my body feels spectacular at the moment, just having had my first chicken ceaser wrap at I consider a fairly long time. It will be interesting to see if there is a noticeable change in my body tomorrow when I wake up. Until next time, I'll continue the trend of a random photo, I like the golf theme at the moment. I like this one because of how the tee looks, and because I hit an awesome drive on this shot!

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