Sunday, July 22, 2012

so much for that

So often we make plans. Honestly though, how often does everything go exactly according to that plan? All too frequently there are unforeseen circumstances that will alter or ultimately foil our plans. If you know me, you know my stance on this. Well my plan of doing a two week juice fast was abruptly brought to a halt today in the middle of the woods.

I may have been better off sleeping through my alarm and missing the bike event altogether. Had that happened I wouldn't have had this wonderful learning experience. Ha. Stage one, no problems. Not a lightning fast time by any means, but fairly quick considering my skill/endurance level combined with my lack of knowledge for the course. Stage two is where the wheels started to fall off. Not literally, yet. Completed all but a quarter mile of the stage in reasonably quick fashion, when I caught a rock the wrong way and got pitched off my bike. Due to my superb falling skills I escaped with a slight bruise on my elbow and shoulder, sweet. I've fallen plenty of times though, so that didn't bother me very much. Stage 3, sequenced in a few words. Many rocks, followed by boulders, followed by not 1, not 2, but 3 flat tires. I had 2 spare tubes with me, which is rare as I usually only have one, but it wasn't enough. Just not my day it seems. Walked stage 4 with my busted bike and midway through started feeling very lightheaded and a bit nauseous. Had I finished the 'event' in the time I'd expected, I would have been back to the car in plenty of time for my next meal. Mmm, juice. But since things weren't exactly working out as planned, I found myself hiking these trails (4ish miles in bike shoes for someone with horrible ankles.. so fun!)feeling very weak and malnourished. Luckily I had a bag of almonds in my backpack which are always there for when I ride. Instead of forcing myself to not eat and possibly passing out in the woods, I decided that it was an appropriate time to break the fast. Damn those were some delicious nuts. So my energy came back nearly instantly, tossed the bike back over the shoulder, and hiked through the transport stage to the final stage, 5. I walk up and the guy at the start of the stage, Rob I believe it was, kindly offered me a tube. Thanks! This perked me right up as stage 5 is the most fun of all of the stages, lots of downhill, some sweeping turns, all the good stuff. And, wait for it.. I flat, for the 4th time of the day, after maybe a quarter mile at most. I hiked it down the hill with a giant frown on my face, and finally arrived back at the lot where I thoroughly enjoyed a free hot dog. I figured with my horrid luck on the trail I better stay for the raffle as I'm sure to win something! No, not the case, ha.

All in all the day could have been worse. I could have actually gotten hurt when I fell. Also, without my plans being shattered I wouldn't be enjoying a delicious burrito from Cali Burrito right now. 

Tossed together a quick clip. I wish the fall would have at least looked cool on film. Oh well, as the saying goes.. Sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes, the bar eats you.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

juicing day 3

Day 3 of the juice fast is underway and I can say that my body is starting to realize what I've been doing to it. Last night I had a hell of a time falling asleep. Luckily, once I finally did, I was out cold till about 6 this morning. My headache from yesterday has also carried over into today. Not going to do much physical activity today beyond walking a few laps around the block. Tomorrow is the Endurorama bike event in Bethlehem which I'm very much looking forward to. I'm interested to see how my body is able to handle 9ish miles of biking with nothing but juice to fuel me.

Friday, July 20, 2012

just juice

 So today is the 2nd day of the juice fast I decided to do. The plan is to do 2 weeks of nothing but juice and then go from there. So far I've not gotten physically hungry, just mentally. I could really go for some Cali Burrito right about now. Yesterday I concocted a green juice consisting of kale, broccoli, parsley, peppers, celery, and granny smith apple. Today was much more fruit based with banana, strawberry, grapefruit, blueberry, tomato/grape tomatoes, and a few peppers. Both varieties are quite delicious in my opinion, which is making this experiment slightly easier. My hope is that this fast will beat me up, clean me out, and open my eyes a bit more to the benefits of juicing so that I can continue to use it moving forward.