Sunday, January 8, 2012


Went up to James' house today with Tony to help clear some brush out of the hollow to make room for more trails. Did a little riding as well of course.

Afterwards went up to my grandparents with my brother to eat and watch football. They enjoyed lasagna, steak, ham, and cheesy potatoes while I had some greens with apple and tangerine. Ham is one of my favorites and it was very tempting but I haven't given this diet enough time to really feel it's effects, so I resisted.

Body status:  didn't have a lot of energy initially today. Once I got moving around a bit and ate some grapes and cherries I felt a little better.  I suppose my body was trying to tell me I should have just rested today after all I did yesterday. Work tomorrow will give me plenty of time to rest and stretch though. Mentally today was difficult seeing all of that food in front of me, although I'm glad I was able to resist the urge. 

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