Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A tribute to my first MTB

So roughly month ago is when my old bike died. I took it for about a 5 mile lap on the appalchian at the lehigh gap(The video clip is so long that I'm the only one that'll probably ever watch it). It was definitely the most epic ride I've had to date, and not even on a designated bike trail. I even went over the handle bars once as I was creeping down the mountain. Turns out that practicing handstands has actually helped with something, as I was able to take two steps on my hands and catch myself, ha. Walking up that trail to get to the George W lean-to is challenging enough. Attempting to ride up it is a whole other story. A lot of times you have no choice but to hike-a-bike.

breather at the lean-to

Thumbs up for 30+mph winds, and a new windproof jacket(that was normally 140 bucks, and I got for 60). Oh yea, and the scarf/facewarmer/green thing, which I snagged for 3 bucks. Came in very handy, made it much easier to breathe.

crawling down the section next to the lean-to


trail name: Freestyler

Last Summer sometime, Will and myself were up on the same trail hiking, when out of nowhere I hear, 'Coming through!' from behind me. Shocked, I turned around and stepped off the trail, some dude just zooms by me on a mountain bike, hammering the pedals and just kind of bouncing, almost floating over all the rocks. 'What a maniac!' It was probably a week or so later I bought my bike. Within 2 months, I was now the 'maniac' riding those same trails. I was somewhat oblivious to the fact that riding there, especially the way I was, was completely destroying the bike. Dual suspension or not, it had no chance.
nishiki and nissan at craigs cabin
So after about 5 months of owning a bike, I had it completely totalled. I bought it at Dicks sporting goods, which turned out to be a great move. I have a 2 year warranty that if anything goes wrong, I take it there, they fix it no charge and off I go. The guy at Dicks was tired of fixing it, so he just gave me a new bike. I plan to beat it up also, and get at least one more bike by the time my warranty is up.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


The Orange Blue Team was 4 deep at trexler today, check out the photos! Video clip in a day or two.

Mount up.

Having a seat after climbing out of HP3. Tony kicking mud off his new boots.

Face full of mud conditions, although 40 some degrees is chust fine by me this time of year.

Also hit up the hollow for a few quick laps/jumps afterwards. Just over 6 miles on the day.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pins and needles

Two days ago I had my first acupuncture treatment. Everything went as intended, felt a little sore yesterday, and still some strange sensations today going from my left foot to my left hip. Not sure exactly what to make of it, I'll take it as my muscles starting to wake up finally. She informed me that the muscles in basically the whole left side of my body have been thrown out of whack due to whatever the hell is wrong with my back. Feels like a giant marble sized knot in the muscle directly adjacent to my spine. A good portion of those muscles have remained in a contracted state and some have lost the ability to relax or release. This has created imbalances from my ankle to my shoulder on the left side. Just another challenge to overcome, I suppose. I'm confident that all the changes I've made and continue to make are going to lead to me striking some form of balance. With any luck that'll take place soon, I mean golf season is right around the corner.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just a stretch, man

Every so often I'll be hanging out with some of my friends, or sometimes people I've just met, and I will spontaneously do some form of stretch or pose or movement. This often results in comments like, 'what are you doing?' or for my fellow achievers 'what is that, yoga?'.
My reply will vary depending on the moment and movement, but often times it is just that simple, its just a stretch. So often we are confined to the same types of postures, namely sitting. It's good to get outside of that zone of just sit or stand all the time and actually stretch. Stretch it out. What it is, I'm not sure. I do know that after taking an interest in stretching, I've started regaining the range of motion in a few of the joints where I'd lost it. It doesn't have to be any set pose, or sequence of poses like yoga. It can be whatever feels right just to get the blood circulating to those areas that are so easily neglected by our societies obsession with sitting. Specifically the hips, legs and back. I started doing a morning and evening stretch session and it has helped drastically. Sometimes it will be a 5 minute neck and back stretch in the morning, or maybe 20 minutes of yoga postures at night before bed.

So instead of asking what I'm doing, next time just join in the stretch :) Namaste.

Will and I and took in a solid sunset up at the Hilton, aka the Lehigh Gap.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

New House!

First post from the new house! My brother, Tony, and I are officially moved in to our new place in Whitehall. Still lots of things scattered all over the place, but we are slowly making sure everything gets to where it needs to be. Went to BJ's with Mom and Grandmother(aka Ahbee) and stocked up on just about everything you could think of. Here are a couple of photos from the move!

first load in Dad's Suburban. It is unreal how much stuff that truck fits, whats more is how good it runs with 180k miles on it! Thanks for letting me borrow it Old Man!

new room. Tony and I flipped a coin for this room actually. It already had the orange curtains though, so naturally I won the coin flip.

James came through HUGE helping me out. Thanks again man!!!
(when moving, always call the pickup truck guy)

load number 2: bed, TV, and golf clubs

took a 1 min nap after the bed was set up, then got right back to work.

load 3: dressers and mini fridge

new room + furniture

Panera for lunch and a well deserved break.

load 4 and still smiling: dirty laundry, cooler, and both of our bikes

Laundry/Gym/Bike storage/Golf Practice area

Took another break, and went to Metro and Johns with Mom and Keith! Hole in the wall bar where an 80 year old woman has been cooking, for 30+ years. 2.50 for a cheese steak!

 myself and tonist chillin amongst it all

Just about sleeping, 2nd to last load, tonys bed then finally his dressers after that.

Dad, myself, and Tony getting his bed set up.


Dan, Tice, Tony, Will and myself hanging out after a longgg day.

A gigantic thanks goes out to everyone that helped make this possible!! More photos and info to come as we get this all sorted out.