Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Virginia visit

Went to virginia this past weekend for allises birthday. Had a great time of course but my body is letting me know about it already. All part of the experiment I suppose. Ate quite a bit of delicious food and today I woke up feeling quite gross. I'm anxious to get on with my next phase of the experiment, which will begin tomorrow. I'm going to continue with a mainly mucusless diet, although I'm going to add some grains and possibly eggs on workout days here and there. I'm confident in the knowledge I've gained so far and look forward to seeing my body transform further. If I can eat the way I did for those 12 days on my first attempt, I'm certain I can go for much longer then that and see even more results. Going to skip out on yoga tonight as my body is too dehydrated and could certainly not handle it. I may go to tomorrow evenings session depending on what my body is telling me at that point.

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