Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Went to hot yoga tonight at LV yoga. It was my second time taking a yoga class and it went very much like the first. It highlighted my weaknesses, which are present all over my body. Balance poses showed how much work my ankles need. Inversion and seated poses exposed the limited mobility in my low back and core muscles.

Hot yoga takes place in a room that is heated to almost 100 degrees. This does not count all the breathing and movement of the people actually in the room, which I will say there are entirely too many. However I found the experience to be highly enjoyable as it was the first real sweat I've had this year.

At the end of the session while laying on the mat, focusing on my breathing, I'd felt as if my consciousness was lifted out of my physical body, and was drifting along in the waves and sounds of the music that was playing. An awesome feeling to say the least. A bell rings as the instructor brings everyone back into their physical being. We end with a short meditation, followed by everyone in the class saying 'ohm' in unison. A very powerful experience as well.

Yoga class, weekly, from now on. Also, a few restorative poses before bed to help sleep. I've seen the benefits this has had with my sleep before, just need to ingrain the habit.

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