Thursday, January 12, 2012


So far I'm 11 days with a mostly mucusless diet- fruit, veggies, and nuts. There were just 3 times where I had bread, albeit on a veggie and hummus panini. Today, however, was a challenging day. Lot of doubts creeping in my head which I'd figured would start a little sooner. The fact it was a rainy day and I didn't have much to do made it that much more difficult. I was really craving a chicken ceaser wrap, or even a subway sandwich that I was somewhat addicted too for awhile, but I resisted. Allise made me feel a little better saying that I should be having doubts and that I'll probably feel like crap but that it's part of the healing process. That is normally what I would tell myself, but for some reason today I was having a hard time saying it, so it was nice to hear it from her. So all in all just another day and another salad. Going to do some strength training and see how many squats and pushups I can do before working out my busted ankles with the theraband. If I'm going to continue getting stronger and becoming more balanced, it needs to start from the ground up, so I need to make a better commitment to my surgicled feet. For no reason at all, I'll end with a random video clip from a round of golf my dad and I played at iron lakes, enjoy.

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