Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A tribute to my first MTB

So roughly month ago is when my old bike died. I took it for about a 5 mile lap on the appalchian at the lehigh gap(The video clip is so long that I'm the only one that'll probably ever watch it). It was definitely the most epic ride I've had to date, and not even on a designated bike trail. I even went over the handle bars once as I was creeping down the mountain. Turns out that practicing handstands has actually helped with something, as I was able to take two steps on my hands and catch myself, ha. Walking up that trail to get to the George W lean-to is challenging enough. Attempting to ride up it is a whole other story. A lot of times you have no choice but to hike-a-bike.

breather at the lean-to

Thumbs up for 30+mph winds, and a new windproof jacket(that was normally 140 bucks, and I got for 60). Oh yea, and the scarf/facewarmer/green thing, which I snagged for 3 bucks. Came in very handy, made it much easier to breathe.

crawling down the section next to the lean-to


trail name: Freestyler

Last Summer sometime, Will and myself were up on the same trail hiking, when out of nowhere I hear, 'Coming through!' from behind me. Shocked, I turned around and stepped off the trail, some dude just zooms by me on a mountain bike, hammering the pedals and just kind of bouncing, almost floating over all the rocks. 'What a maniac!' It was probably a week or so later I bought my bike. Within 2 months, I was now the 'maniac' riding those same trails. I was somewhat oblivious to the fact that riding there, especially the way I was, was completely destroying the bike. Dual suspension or not, it had no chance.
nishiki and nissan at craigs cabin
So after about 5 months of owning a bike, I had it completely totalled. I bought it at Dicks sporting goods, which turned out to be a great move. I have a 2 year warranty that if anything goes wrong, I take it there, they fix it no charge and off I go. The guy at Dicks was tired of fixing it, so he just gave me a new bike. I plan to beat it up also, and get at least one more bike by the time my warranty is up.

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  1. Good stuff boss. I like that I got mentioned, I feel like the man, the most talked about name on the internet I am, well if you count the word will not being used as the name Will I almost defintly am. Exept if there is someone out there named I or The then they are probably the most used name on the internet. I like the photos, the lean-too looks a lot farther behind from the camera than it actually is. RIP first MTB. Peace!