Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pins and needles

Two days ago I had my first acupuncture treatment. Everything went as intended, felt a little sore yesterday, and still some strange sensations today going from my left foot to my left hip. Not sure exactly what to make of it, I'll take it as my muscles starting to wake up finally. She informed me that the muscles in basically the whole left side of my body have been thrown out of whack due to whatever the hell is wrong with my back. Feels like a giant marble sized knot in the muscle directly adjacent to my spine. A good portion of those muscles have remained in a contracted state and some have lost the ability to relax or release. This has created imbalances from my ankle to my shoulder on the left side. Just another challenge to overcome, I suppose. I'm confident that all the changes I've made and continue to make are going to lead to me striking some form of balance. With any luck that'll take place soon, I mean golf season is right around the corner.

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