Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just a stretch, man

Every so often I'll be hanging out with some of my friends, or sometimes people I've just met, and I will spontaneously do some form of stretch or pose or movement. This often results in comments like, 'what are you doing?' or for my fellow achievers 'what is that, yoga?'.
My reply will vary depending on the moment and movement, but often times it is just that simple, its just a stretch. So often we are confined to the same types of postures, namely sitting. It's good to get outside of that zone of just sit or stand all the time and actually stretch. Stretch it out. What it is, I'm not sure. I do know that after taking an interest in stretching, I've started regaining the range of motion in a few of the joints where I'd lost it. It doesn't have to be any set pose, or sequence of poses like yoga. It can be whatever feels right just to get the blood circulating to those areas that are so easily neglected by our societies obsession with sitting. Specifically the hips, legs and back. I started doing a morning and evening stretch session and it has helped drastically. Sometimes it will be a 5 minute neck and back stretch in the morning, or maybe 20 minutes of yoga postures at night before bed.

So instead of asking what I'm doing, next time just join in the stretch :) Namaste.

Will and I and took in a solid sunset up at the Hilton, aka the Lehigh Gap.

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