Saturday, March 24, 2012


Today I went up to Fitness Central, and walked out with this!

Tony also got a new bike today which you can see along the left edge of the photo. So we went down the street to Jordan to test out the new rides, joined by Tice and Cleaver who met us there. Little rain when we got there, but then it stopped and held off for the rest of the time. Solid ride for sure. Wiped out a few times, but I'll chalk that up to the slick roots from the rain, and getting used to these big ass wheels!

mandatory bridge break

 Tony and his new ride


cleaver. check out the smile on his face! riding an old beat up bike with no suspension. how can someone smiling that hard not have his own bike!?! get it together dude!

Psyched on the new bike, looking forward to getting the race season started. Going to post up a video with some footage within the next day or so from our ride today. Until then, peace!!

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